* the interior structure of Muller matrices is investigated and their classification is constructed,

* a method of determination of Muller matrices is developed and patented.

Some general properties of nondepolarizing optical systems are studied:

Diffraction performance of corner cube retroreflectors

The solution method of the Fraunhofer diffraction problem for a corner cube retroreflector (CCR) has been developed. The diffraction properties of CCR's have been investigated as functions of the following parameters:

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Specialty for CCR without coating it has been ascertained that the illumination polarization modulates the intensity of reflected radiation the CCR twosided angle deviations are different in values and signs. These deviations make diffraction patterns more complicated than one central and six side spots (nodeviation case).

This method has been used to describe CCR diffraction patterns with crossed polarizer and analyzer: a dark cross separating four bright spots. The presence of CCR twosided angle deviations the rightange between the reflecting facets from 90 destroys such pattern structure in general case.

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Keywords: corner cube retroreflector, Fraunhofer diffraction, polarization.

The results obtained could be used as the basis for essential progress in the Stocks-polarimetry of nondepolarizing optical systems.

We are looking forward to collaboration with all, who are interested in the matrix formalism and, in particular, in the Muller matrix formalism.

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Keywords: Muller matrix, nondepolarizing optical systems, polarization, characterictic equation, independent elements.

The assessment of quality of an image registered by focal plane arrays