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Research Interests
Keywords: Image Quality Assessment, Image Restoration, Inverse Problem, Image Reconstruction, Focal Plane Arrays (CCD, CMOS) Performance Evaluation.

Scientific activities and field of expertise

Optics, Image Processing and Inverse Problem in problems of image restoration, image recognition and the assessment of information quality of optical systems.

The following results were achieved:
  • The new linear method of orthogonalisation of image basis functions for the regularization of the signal restoration for solving of the Fredholm integral equation of the first kind is developed;
  • Methods minimum square error (MSE), selection of sampling points and statistical properties of a noise and an object optimization;
  • Nonlinear reccurent method of the object restoration from images gathered by linear system;
  • The statistic assessment of the object restoration error for irregular sampling points of an image;
  • New method of image restoration from several images, gathered combined systems is developed;
  • Method of image correction for the moving object;
  • Assessment of information properties of optical systems based on MSE of restoration;

  • List of publication consists of more than 70 publications, which include papers in referred journals, article in the book, patent
    and papers in proceedings of conferences.
    List of selected publications

    Short Resume
    1974 - graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute;
    1974-1979 - Engineer-Researcher at the Enterprise "Arsenal", Kiev;
    1979-2005 - work at the Institute of Applied Optics of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Belarus;
    1993 - defended PhD Thesis “Probabilistic methods of image restoration”;
    1999-2002 - work in image processing field at the Bauman's Moscow Technical University;
    2005-present - Leading Research Scientist at the Department of Modelling and Information Processing of the Institute of Technology of Metals of the NAS of Belarus, Mogilev.

    Leisure: Play chess, Philosophy, Humor.

    Dr. Dmitry Dovnar
    Institute of Technology of Metals of the NAS of Belarus
    B.-Biruli 11
    Mogilev 212030

    Tel. +375 222 278327(At work)



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